The Group's USP is its focus on five key areas – Technology, Quality, Response, Delivery and Cost. Multiplying Capacity, Expanding Geographically, Investing in the best technology & manpower and Innovating Quality Standards & Systems; have taken product reliability to a very high level. These have been the major factors that have led to the stupendous growth and profitability of the company.


Key Advantages - Why customers choose National :


Investments ahead of the curve - The capacity to invest and expand in tandem with the industry requirements has been the major advantage benefitting all customers.


Strategic Location of manufacturing facilities - The prime focus has been to offer economic solutions to its customers. Consistent with the group’s strategy the manufacturing units are optimally located close to the customers’ manufacturing locations.


Timely project execution - the key to NPG’s success. The group has been able to develop the capability to execute greenfield projects ahead of schedule, at par with the best in the industry. Launch of exclusive product lines will lead to further increase in topline and bottomline growth.


Strong credibility - 60 years of excellence in injection molding, unsurpassed experience and knowledge and ethical working systems have helped National Plastics Group in sustaining successful relationships spanning decades and now, it enjoys a strong credibility in the industry.

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